Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Admit it

I don't know who all reads this but if you are a Baylor fan, repeat after me: No Bowl for Baylor. Look, don't be naive, or frankly stupid, to hold out hope for a bowl this season. Let me give you 5 reasons why Baylor won't even sniff a bowl this year.

(1) 5-3 in the Big 12. We have won 8 Big 12 games in 10 years and you think we are going to win 5 this year. It doesn't matter even if the Big 12 is down. Small bottom-feeding private football teams that have poor non-conference showings never, I mean never, recover to do well in their power conference.

(2) QB. Shawn Bell doesn't have the arm to beat more than half the conference. Szymanski is too young. Same with Beatty. Who really knows how good they are anyways. They are backing up Bell after all.

(3) Comparison game, part 1. We love to compare don't we, especially on this blog. Pevoto has thrown x interceptions per game. Our defense has forced y interceptions per game. Thus, we will force xy interceptions this game and will dominate. Stop it. No really stop it. Or well we scored 7 points against TCU and Tech only scored 3 points. We should beat them. Never mind that we played TCU at home. Tech played them on the road. And we play Tech at their place. It's stupid to try and compare, especially when the comparison game doesn't work in our favor. Do you think Baylor could have gone down to Athens and scared the junk out of Georgia? A win at Colorado is by no means a guarantee.

(4) Comparison game, part 2. "Winnable" games. What does that even mean? If Shawn Bell doesn't play like Shawn Bell has for the past three years, if the defense doesn't tire per usual late in games thanks to the offense, if Baylor doesn't shoot itself in the foot with a killer turnover or penalties, then we might win. Not to mention, we have an opponent that generally has a ton more experience winning conference games regardless of who is on their roster. You can claim to have 8 winnable games in conference this year for all I care. But you lose at home to Army - that doesn't help us with our comparison game. And I think it should re-define what a "winnable" game is.

(5) Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma. Boom - three losses. You think we will beat K-State at home. And Colorado and OK State on the road. Well, at least A&M and Kansas will be two easy cheapies . . . yeah, right.

Wake up everyone. The writing is on the wall. Teams that are 0-3 and lose to Army at home have no hope. I don't say this to be mean. I am just trying to keep you from getting hurt yet again by Baylor. Become numb . . . it helps. Trust me.

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