Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fire John Morris

Can the guy get any more excited about the other team scoring? Compare how he sounded on the Baylor score with how he just sounded on the punt return for a touchdown.

I hate the guy's game-calling. He's probably among the worst I've ever heard. My ears bleed with every broadcast.

Oh, and special teams!? Lancaster, I don't care if you are a great recruiter, I don't care if you are married to Morriss' daughter, get your stuff together on here. You're special teams units are pathetic.


Anonymous said...

John Morris is terrible. But so is Baylor if they can't get rid of John "let me tell you everything after-the-fact and in PAST tense" Morris.

EVERYTHING about our football program stinks at this point.

If we win every game from this point on, I'll take it back. But I can actually see us going 1-11.

Bring back Steele!!!

Ashamed to be a Baylor Fan,
Mike Warren

Anonymous said...

I second that about John Morris. Who does he have Polaroids of? Hands down he's the worst play-by play broadcaster I've ever listened to. Listening to the games on the radio from Houston, I can't tell you the number of times I hear the crowd cheer at the end of a play while Morris is still calling the play as if it is live action. He's often wrong calling out down-and-distance, which makes it hard to follow a game you can't watch on TV. And the guy is still screwing up the names on the Baylor roster. During the WSU game, he said that Teasley muffed the punt return. Then I read in the Trib that the punt hit a Baylor blocker in the back. I still don't know what happened on that play.

He's horrible.