Saturday, September 09, 2006

Goals For Northwestern State

Here are three goals that we should have for Northwestern State:

1. Execute in the redzone.
It'd be great to get a bunch of long-yardage scores, but we need practice working in the redzone.

2. Dominate the lines.
On both offense and defense, we need to make sure that the lines are dominating. If not, then we are going to have concerns moving into the rest of our season.

3. Turnovers.
We must limit them on offense (i.e. NONE, please) and create them on defense. We should be able to get pressure with our front four, allowing our secondary and linebackers the freedom to make plays.

As much everyone is warning about not overlooking this team, I think everyone knows that we are going to win. This game isn't going to show that we have arrived the way that a win over TCU would have, but there IS an opportunity to continue to improve and to get our young players (of which there are many) some very important reps in this offense and defense.

Look for Mikhail Baker, Ernest Smith, Antonio Jones, Dwain Crawford and Jason Lamb to have big games against NSU.

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