Friday, September 29, 2006

Shawn Bell

After reading through various posts and listening to Baylor fandom, I think we owe Shawn Bell an apology. And no this post isn't a joke.

I'm not a Shawn Bell apologist and have publicly declared that he shouldn't be the QB this year if we are going to run this spread offense. By the time, Bell figures this offense out, he will be gone. Let Szymanski figure it out now so maybe next year, he might be ready. Also, this offense doesn't give Shawn Bell the best chance of succeeding based on his skill set.

All that said, I still defend him somewhat. And here's why I like him. He came in unheralded. No one expected a thing out of him. But, he helped produce the best Baylor football season in 10 years. I think he is scrappy and tough. He's a decent game manager and has been loyal to this football team despite the coaching staff and its fans always ripping him. He has done everything asked of him. Play when called upon. Sit and support the team when benched. Come off the bench and try to bail the team out. Learn a new offense in his last year. And the list goes on.

We have thanked him by repeatedly begging for Terrance Parks last year and the coaches thanked him by benching him at certain times throughout that season. Now the coaches have thanked him by putting him in a situation which does not allow him to succeed.

One last thing: I'm not convinced that there is a lot of talent surrounding him.

So Shawn, thank you for your efforts and your dedication. Now one last thing: Keep being a team player and step aside in hopes that Szymanski learns the offense and can pick up where you left off last year. I know that is a terrible thing to ask for in your senior year - but I'm sure if you are asked by the coaching staff, you will take the high road, pick up the clipboard and support the new QB. And for that, I admire you.

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