Sunday, September 24, 2006

We are a Bad Football Team

I should probably wait until tomorrow to let me cool my head, but frankly this team doesn't deserve that.

There is not one player on this team, and not one coach, that has anything to be proud of tonight. I'd be worried that they were going to fold after this loss if I didn't think they already had. This was not a team fighting for a bowl game, this is a team that was going through the motions. They were a 1-2 team strutting around like they were 3-0. Should they have been? Probably. But the fact of the matter is that they were 1-2. And now they are 1-3. And I don't see any reason they won't be 1-4 next weekend. I know I won't be there next weekend. What's the point?

Quarterbacks -

Congrats on the record, Shawn. You've completed more passes to the flats and on 5-yard outs than anyone in Baylor history. There isn't a single QB on the top 10 list that I wouldn't trade for right this second.

Running Backs -

Paul, I'm glad to see you took the blame for us being in overtime to begin with. You turned it on late, but the second and third quarters is where we really could have used you.

Wide Receivers -

I know, you need someone to get you the ball, I know. But you have to realize that the guy taking the snaps is as good as he's ever going to be, and so you have to step up even more. Trent you had a nice game, but you have to make that catch in overtime. That was the season you dropped.

Offensive Line -

If you thought Cameron Craig was a tough block, you're going to be wetting your pants going into the Big XII. You only gave up one sack, but the team averaged 2.2 yards per carry. That's ridiculous against a team that has averaged 227 yards rushing allowed this year.

Defensive Line -

1 sack against a line you outweighed easily. You are supposed to be Big XII players. Apparently that's just a conference association, not a measurement of your talent.

Linebackers -

Nick Moore had a nice game, but we gave up HUGE rushes in the fourth quarter. 51 yards on 4 attempts on one drive, right before they scored. They averaged 12.7 yards per rush on that drive.

Secondary -

The QB hadn't thrown a touchdown pass all year. He'd averaged over 2 interceptions a game. And he's facing our secondary. No problem, right? Wrong. It felt like the Steele years, making average players look like Heisman candidates. 68% completion, 0 interceptions, 1 touchdown.

Special Teams -

Possibly more than anyone, you lost the game. And that's really, really saying something. Daniel, if you need to take some time to get healthy, do it. Right now you're hurting us.

Coaches -

  • Hays, you're looking like a mistake. This was the game to prove you weren't one, and you blew it.
  • Morriss, you're team is undisciplined, your line is not good, and you're players have no fire or heart.
  • Lancaster, you're special teams units suck, you're running backs aren't playing much better.
  • Kinne, you're linebackers need to make more plays.
  • Wnek, you're unit is holding the entire defense back. Injuries or no, this was a team we should have dominated and the defensive line wouldn't let us do that.
  • Phillips, if this is how you're coaching Bell, you're farther from the tree than I thought. If it's not, it's time to reach to your next option

Here's the kicker, the team is talented enough to be 4-0. There's only one reason that this team is NOT 4-0, they chose not to prepare in such a way to be undefeated. There's is far too much talent on this team to be playing this poorly.

Colorado hasn't won a game all year and looked so much better than we did today against a Top 10 team, while we played a 1-2 service academy.

Kansas State has only beaten cupcakse and got trounced by a Louisville team missing their starting QB and starting RB, and they looked better than we did tonight.

We have a very good chance of being 1-5 heading into the tough part of the schedule. And it's all because the team chose to believe that they were good enough to play this game without hard work, dedication and focus.

Don't be surprised if there are fewer than 25,000 people at the game next week. You (and I'm talking directly to the team right now) have a LOT to prove to the fans of Baylor Football that you are worth paying attention to.

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NCbear07 said...

great post. I'm still contemplating on whether or not to go to the game or not next week. I just dont know if I can sit through that crap again. I walked out when shawn ran that QB bootleg (and he actually made that call). I actually called it before it happened. I still dont think Hays was a bad hire, he is making the calls shawn is just checkin down to his 4th and 5th options.

There was one play in particular that we ran a deep post pattern that ziggy was running. He wasnt even running hard, but turned and saw that shawn actually threw it to him. Well he got bumped a little and everyone wanted a pass interference call, but it was not a catchable ball b/c ziggy didnt even know it was coming! I bet Hays is rethinking everything he said about shawn b/c shawn is the reason we arent moving the ball. Well and maybe our running game sucks and our Oline isnt playing worth anything right now. Apparently Morriss was pissed the whole game at shawn b/c he kept going to the short dink routes instead of looking up field.

Oh the agony......but hey, i honestly dont think the season is shot. But it is in very very critical condition.