Thursday, September 14, 2006

What does a Win/Loss mean for the team?

The real answer for this question is always going to be: it depends. It depends on how we win/lose, it depends on what happens within the game and why we won/lost the way we did. Let's look at a couple scenarios that I think are possible, if not likely.

Baylor Loses a Close One
If Baylor loses a close one in which the defense possibly gives up a couple more scores than we would like, but the offense operates at a high level, then I think we can be optomistic about the rest of the season, despite a 1-2 start. If we lose a close one because the offense continues to shoot itself in the foot and fall apart in the redzone, then the outlook will continue to be gloomy.

Baylor Wins a Close One
Most of me says it doesn't matter how big or small the win, it's HUGE. But if we win a close one because of a particularly strong defensive effort and the offense does just enough to get us the win, I think we can be cautiously optomistic. Very cautiously. Full-blown optomism should be held back until the offense performs strongly against a D1 opponent, preferably a strong D1 opponent.

Baylor Blows WSU Out
There is no downside, and it would likely hallmark a 4-0 run through the rest of our non-conference and into conference play leading up to the Texas game.

Baylor Gets Blown Out
Back to square one. If the defense can't stop WSU, and our offense just continues to hinder us rather than help us, then this is a team headed for a 4-8 season.

Then again, there are always the injuries, and fluke turnovers/scores that can change all that. If WSU has their QB and RB go out on the first series (or BU, knock on wood), then that will dramatically change the way we look at this game.

Tomorrow can't come fast enough!

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