Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where Do We Go From Here!?

Is the season over already?

Here we are sitting at 1-3 and it almost feels like the Steele years. Is that possible? How could that be?

Under Steele we would grab all our wins in the non-conference and slide down a slippery slope of sucking until the culmination blowouts at the end of the year. Under Morriss, in previous years we've gotten better and better as the year wore on.

So, is the season over?

I hope not.

As a smart blogger, I wouldn't be so dire about the situation, but it's hard for me to muster a lot of optimism right now. As we build to the Kansas State game, I'm going to try and rebuild my belief in this team and this coaching staff.

We can't go back to the Army game to gain any comfort, I already covered that, but we can look to the more distant past and try and gain some perspective.

I believe that Morriss' teams have shown a couple things. They play to the level of their competition almost always. While that hurts them a lot in games against nobodies or weaker teams, it helps in those upsets. I still think we have an upset in us, but the question that rises before me is: Is Kansas State going to be an upset, or is Texas Tech?

But the answer to that question would answer the question about how our season as a whole would go.

Let's review our goal for the year:

Bowl Game.

We need to win 5 more games to get there. 5 Big XII Games.

At the beginning of the year I said that there were 6 winnable games in the Big XII, so we have to over 80% of the winnable games. I believe we will likely be favored in one or two of those games. Kansas State we are already favored in, and we might give some points against Kansas, unless something miraculous happens.

This is a one-game season. Kansas State is the only team that matters. Win against KSU and we are tied for first in the Big XII. Seeing how important this game is becoming, I'm almost certain to be reneging on my unwillingness to go to Waco for the game.

Rant over. Optimism-level rising. Hope in restoration process.

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NCbear07 said...

dont give up man. come down to the Case this weekend, have a few beers and enjoy the game. I'm not losing my hope in the Bears yet (and I know you arent either)!