Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Moment of truth. Game of the Year. SuperBowl.

Yep, it's all here. Baylor takes their first ever 2-0 record in the Big XII, the first time they've been in first place in the division in the second week (I know, pretty pathetic) into Austin, TX.


This is going to be the hardest game we play, and it's going to have to be our best game of the year to pull out a win. We're going to have to play much better on both sides of the ball (and on special teams) to keep this game close.

Are we capable? Yes. But we will have to play over our heads.

I want all you Baylor fans to be thinking bad thoughts about Texas all week long. If you see any UT alumni, give them dirty looks and treat them very badly. They are the enemy.


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