Friday, October 06, 2006

Kansas State Imploding

After the Baylor game, apparently Coach Ron Prince lost him mind.

During practice on Monday, he apparently demoted starting running back Clayton to third string, suspended a bunch of other player for two days of practice, and they are not certain to even play on Saturday.

One player (a 4* OL recruit) has quit the team after being berated for not practicing through a shoulder injury.

Apparently Prince is taking the tactic of: if practicing didn't lead to a win, perhaps NOT practicing will lead to a win.

To me, he just seems like a Steele-esque coach that goes insane instead of going jogging/drinking carrot juice.

I feel bad for the Kansas State players, especially now that we've beaten them, but I am keenly interested to see how this one develops over the rest of their season. Especially since they'll likely be battling Colorado for the basement of the Big XII North.

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