Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some Kansas Tidbits

Kansas is giving up 111 yards on the ground and 281 through the air for the year. When looking at conference only numbers, they JUMP to 348 yards through the air and 151 yards on the ground. That's an astounding 500 yards of offense a game on AVERAGE!! After playing OSU, Texas A&M and Nebraska.

On Baylor's side, we are giving up 212 through the air and 131 on the ground, while in conference only play we are giving up 215 yards through the air and 161 yards on the ground.

The difference between the two defenses, of course, is the turnovers.

Baylor has forced 20 turnovers, while Kansas has only gained 13. Baylor is +1 for the year (even after the -4 game against Texas) and Kansas is tied for last in the Big XII at -5. Our situation should continue to head in the opposite directions this game.

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