Sunday, October 01, 2006

With My Own Eyes

Was in Waco on Saturday to see the Bears win one. I've been thinking about it all weekend and all I can really say is that we were out "Baylored" on Saturday. Look, we did some things well and made plays when we absolutely had to but overall if you looked at my initial post, I was right on. My main points from the game are as follows:
  • I said we needed a 14 point lead to win. K-State was forced to throw the ball with it's AWFUL pass offense and they couldn't make it work.
  • We were thisclose to having to really get tested. The Wildcats fumbled twice inside the 10 which kept almost sure points off the board. These fumbles combined with the 3 interceptions are the self destrictive traits we need in opponets until we can prove we can stand toe to toe with teams and exchange blows.
  • I agree with JudgeChamber in that Joe Pawelek is really coming along. He was everywhere.
  • The defense did step up and stuff the run. That made Kansas State have to throw more which they showed they could not do with either quarterback.

I want to talk a little bit about Shawn Bell's performance. He was better but cannot play like he did if we are going to win 4 more this season. He did throw the deep ball more which led to a score. However, there are times when he decides he's going to throw it to someone no matter how many people are guarding him. On his interception, I saw that someone had seen the coaches getting on Gettis for not running the right route or something. Even if Gettis had run to the spot it came down, there were still two defensive backs there and the pass was so bad it would have made Quincy Carter cringe.

We will get tested in Colorado. We have yet to play a clean game (no turnovers, less penalties, close a game). As much as we see 0-5 by Colorado, you know that they look at us as very beatable and we are. We have yet to show any consistency on offense. We did not get one first down in the 4th quarter on Saturday. I don't think that will fly no matter who we play from here on out. The Buffs are no doubt seeing us as the cure to their problems. If we don't play better we will be their cure.

I don't mean to trash the team, they played tons better than last week (I think that loss is going to really bite us at the end of the season) but K State really beat themselves and had possibly the worst quarterback situation in the conference, by far. All I'm saying is that we've yet to play a complete game and that's what it's going to take to make this season semi-salvagable.

Let's get it together and beat CU. They are going to be up for the game since they see it as very winnable.

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