Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Women's Season Comes to a Close, But the Drama is Just Beginning

It's hard to compete with home court advantage, and an opposing coach that has cancer. Baylor did their best to counter with a home burning to the ground and KMs HS coach with cancer, but Coach Yow out-coached KM late in the game when she "struggled" to stand right in front of a ref, eeking out that last bit of pity which proved enough to carry NCSU through the end of the year.

But really, we lost that game. It didn't come down to the refs or the home court. We turned the ball over too much and we missed too many easy shots. The hallmarks of a young team.

But will Mulkey be here to see them grow up? That's the question that formed in the minds of every Baylor fan as the clock ticked down. Was that the last time we'll see KM on the Baylor side of the court? The last chance to don the "Got Mulk" shirts?

The tension might be thicker now than it was during the tournament. Here's one Baylor fan hoping that the administration does what it takes to keep Mulkey in Waco.

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Red Andrews said...

Here, here, Judge Chamber. Great post. If we lose Mulk, it will be hard to continue to blog these Bears. This season has been a total disappointment from BearMeat's perspective. We need baseball/softball/track to win it all to help fire up us BU bloggers.