Friday, September 22, 2006

PREDICTION: Baylor v. Army

It's Friday afternoon and most Baylor fans are getting antsy. Why do we have to wait until 6pm? The fact that it's a night game means I won't be making it to the game, which means I'm in a bad mood.

I hope that the team is in a bad mood. They should be.

Offense -
Pitiful efforts against their D1 opponents. Pitiful. Worse than last year. Somewhere Pease is laughing his way out of his chair looking at ya'll. And he's got good reason to. There's so much room for improvement here, it's been making Baylor fans sick the last three weeks.

Defense -
Played great games against our D1 opponents, but you gave up two long drives, and you gave up an 84-yard TD that were the difference. Morriss told you you were going to have to carry the team at the beginning of the year, and despite a great job, you haven't been good enough to carry the team. You still have a lot left to prove.

Special Teams -
Not quite as bad as the offense, but far from as good as the defense. Fumbles, missed kicks, penalties, poor coverage, etc. There's a lot of room for improvement here.

Here's the kicker, Army is at least as good as Washington State. They might not be as talented, but they play great structured, disciplined football. That's something I haven't seen much of from my own Baylor Bears. If Baylor played with half the discipline that this Army team has, we'd be 3-0 in three dominating, dominating performances.

So what happens when these forces meet? I'll go with my head first and then with my heart.


Baylor's offense is going to continue to struggle as Hays forgets about the running game and Bell refuses to take a chance with the ball going downfield. The defense shuts down the Army rushing game, but gives up a long touchdown pass, and then a long drive for a score at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter (if they don't allow an early 3rd quarter score it will be the first time this year). Let's hope it's only a FG.

Final Score: Baylor 14, Army 10

HEART: (You heard of this, offense?)

Baylor's offense gets a clue, and keeps up the success they've seen early in games. They score a couple TDs and kick a FG in the first half. The defense scores a TD and in the second half they put the game away with at least two more scores.

Final Score: Baylor 31, Army 6

Now, which do I trust more, head or heart? I'm a sucker, so I'm going to choose to believe in the offense. They have the talent, and I have to believe they feel like they have to prove something (ya'll have a LOT to prove, so this shouldn't be too hard).

I'll go with my heart:


Baylor 31
Army 6

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