Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two Receivers Suspended for the First Half

It looks like the Bears will be without Trey Payne and Mikhail Baker for the first half, at least, this coming week against Army. For whatever reason, they were not able to make it to the 6AM receivers extra work this morning, and so will be disciplined.

I, for one, am not all that upset about losing Payne. The kid caught two TD passes against NSU, and other than that game, he's got 1 catch for 2 yards. And about half a dozen drops. I'd let him sit out the entire game.

Baker has 6 catches for 48 yards and 1 TD. He didn't catch a single pass against NSU, so all of his production counts.

This is a big disappointment to me, because something like this leads me to wonder about their work ethic. I hate that. I was, admittedly, a great apologist for Terrance Parks. That guy proved me wrong, so I'm a bit gun-shy. I want to believe this was a one-time thing that just happened at the wrong time, but they'll have to prove it to me.

Being promoted from scout team is Andrew Heard. He's a walk-on, but has great speed and should do a great job of running a 4-yard hitch route. But at least we don't have to worry about him blocking in the running game. [Yes, that's two jabs out our offense in one paragraph]

The main thing that this move shows me is that Hays is serious about getting the drops and the discipline fixed. Penalties, drops, blown routes all point to a lack of focus, a lack of concentration and a lack of discipline. I'm glad to see him doing something about it.


NCbear07 said...

dont knwo if this has anything to do with it, but trey paynes 21st b-day was tuesday night and I heard they had a big party that night. hmm.....

JudgeChamber said...

That's interesting.

The word that I got was that both Payne and Baker had a project due this morning and they were up until 4:30am working on it and then slept through practice. Apparently they didn't call the coaches to let them know they might not be there or to get permission to miss practice.

NCbear07 said...

it depends on what day it was they were actually supposed to go up to practice for. if it was this mornig then they probably did have a project but if it is was wednesday morning, im sure that they were up really late partying. I dont know, either way I am very very happy that they are enforcing this rule on the players.