Saturday, October 07, 2006

Did we kick the door down?

I'm still pretty gigged about this game and how the team fought back and kept going despite all the things that could have gotten them down. Morriss has long said in those close losses that we just needed to kick the door down one of these games, was this the game that we finally kicked it in?

We took CUs best shot. They are probably the best 0-6 team in history. They are going to win some games this year, and I wouldn't be shocked if they finished 4-1 against the North, if they can hold together after this rough stop.

We were down to a 4th down in overtime and still sucked it up and made a big play. Shawn Bell showed a lot of courage on that play. I salute him for it. I didn't think he necessarily had a great game (5.9 yards per attempt!?), but he made plays when they HAD to be made.

This offense has a LONG way to go, but you can start to see what the potential is. We put together a good drive, with a lot of rushing from Paul Mosley (WHAT A HOSS!), probably the best drive of the year, but then we also had a lot of very poor drives and we left our defense on the field for 32 minutes. That won't fly from here on out.

I think we kicked the door in, I think we've turned a corner. Now we just need to make sure that Texas doesn't kick the door back in our face.

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