Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shall we annoint him a "Samurai"?

I know it's a bit early too even begin the talk of comparing Joe Pawelek and Mike Singletary, but the kid is showing himself to be something really, really special.

14 tackles (11 solo), a QB hurry, and one of the most important turnovers in this year.

And Baylor is heading to Austin next week in a battle for first place in the Big XII South.

Sure it's only the third week of Big XII play, but that remains to be the case (I'm assuming that Tech drops their game to Missouri, not because I think it'll happen, but because I HOPE it will happen).

This is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, wins in Guy Morriss' career here at Baylor. Heading into Boulder, a very tough place to play, on Colorado's Homecoming, to a team with a LOT to prove, and not only do we pull out the game, but we show incredible determination in doing so. And while the altitude might have had an effect, it didn't show late in the game as the team made big play after big play after big play.

HUGE congratulations to the team. Enjoy this win, and then get ready to go to war. Nothing we've seen up until now will be good enough against Texas in Austin. But if we can finally put together a great game in all facets of our team, there's no reason we can't do something special next weekend.

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