Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Look at Kansas

You know that Shawn Bell is licking his chops looking at what joke-of-a-QB Bobby Reid did to the Kansas defense. 411 yards. Reid had 937 yards for the year, and 12 TDs, before the game. He had 5 TDs against Kansas.

If Bell did the same thing, he'd pass for 600 yards and 8 TDs against Kansas. Who am I to say he can't do it?

Kansas' pass defense ranks 110th in the nation, and with our offense seemingly starting to click, it's time to really put a hurting on someone. Kansas' defense is basically begging us to do it to them. Let's oblige them.

Oh, and Mosley, don't worry. KU gave up 192 yards on the ground, too. You should be able to get yours as well.

Kansas has lost to Toledo, Nebraska, A&M and OSU. Those last two games were at home. KU has beaten NSU (49-18), ULA-Monroe (21-19), and South Florida (13-7).

In conference play, they are averaging 27.3 points per game (the same as Baylor), while giving up a conference-worst 34 points per game. Baylor is giving up 32.3 points per game, but our defense is only allowing 27 points per game. And we've played Texas, and been involved in a triple overtime game.

Kansas has the second-leading rusher (Jon Cornish) who is averaging 109 yards per game, but only has one touchdown on the ground. KU doesn't have any players on the top 10 list for passers in conference, or on the top 10 list for total yardage.

Obviously, with a weak passing attack, they don't have any receiver on the top 10 receivers by yardage per game.

Kansas has the 9th best punter in conference by average punt yardage, with a 41.3 yards per punt average, and their kicker is tied for 4th in conference in scoring with 8 points per game.

Kansas' leading tackler is defensive back Jerome Kemp (sounds like the Steele-era). He is averaging 9 tackles a game. Kansas does have a pair of linebackers that are averging 7.3 tackles per game each.

I'll do a more in-depth look at KU tomorrow, but I thought I'd get this thrown up tonight to give you a glimpse at what we have to look forward to this weekend.

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