Friday, October 20, 2006

Keys to the Game

So, what are the key things that Baylor needs to do to beat Kansas?

Play to our level, not our opponents level
As I said in the previous post, we need to play at a high intensity level consistently. Come to play, come to win, and play hard for the entire game.

We've had SIX fumbles on kick returns. These are the worst turnovers because we are not only handing the ball back to a team we just got it back from, but we are doing so, usually, 30-40 yards down the field. We've just given them a Hail Mary-type play and put them in our backyard. And we are averaging nearly 1 per game. No wonder we are 3-4. This is going to be a key for the rest of the year, because we can't afford to have a two-possession swing in the next five games.

Attack, Attack, Attack!
We put 320 yards passing on Texas, not because it was a fluke, but rather because we went down the field consistently and in great places. Play-calling and ball delivery was a big improvement. We need to keep those attacking ways up, because while an aspect of this offense is "take what they give you", the philosophy behind it is to attack the defense and make them react to you. We did that against Texas better than we had all year. If we do it against Kansas, maybe 1k yards of offense isn't so unbelieveable.

That's MY ball
Defense, they are going to have your ball sometimes, and it's up to you to get it back. Meier has thrown 11 interceptions so far this year and I'd like to see that number hit 15 before he has to go home. CJ, they are calling you overrated. They are calling you a wind-bag. They are saying you played real bad against Texas. I don't know about you, but that sounds like disrespect to me. Prove 'em all wrong tomorrow. You know it's in you.

Sacks and Penalties and Drops, Oh My
While the passing game was an improvement, we have GOT to cut out the sacks for a huge loss. Texas had 5 sacks for 40 yards. FORTY YARDS!! Aside from the sacks, we had ONE rush for negative 2 yards. We lost more yards on sacks than we did on penalties. Shawn, you looked a lot better throwing the ball, but that spin move of yours to get out of trouble is killing us. Just step up into the pocket and deliver the ball.

Penalties were down this week (only 37 yards), but three of them came on the same drive and effectively killed our energy. Get it cleaned up.

Drops have improved, but we are still dropping easy passes. We need to quit that and if the ball hits the hands, it should be a catch. We do that and this offense is going to get white hot.

I thought about putting "Stop the KU running attack" but with Cornish not at 100% and the fact that if we get up quick, they are going to have to start throwing the ball, I don't think it's going to be a KEY to the game. It's important, but I think these things are more important.

Prediction to come this afternoon.

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