Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a Game! What an Experience!

Man, what a fantastic, fantastic game. Watching from the alumni side of the stands as everyone streamed down to their cars with ten minutes left, I said to a friend, "I hope we come back and win this game so I can throw it in the faces of everyone that is leaving."

Thank you, team, for providing me with the opportunity.

I was there for Kansas in '02. I was there for Colorado in '03. I was there for A&M in '04. It might be the proximity, but the atmosphere at this game was incredible. Perhaps the best I've ever seen it. People stomping on the bleachers, screaming, "DEFENSE! DEFENSE!" Giving Sic 'em, Bears and yelling at the tops of their lungs. Baylor moms and their daughters who just 6 minutes earlier were discussing last nights Pigskin, standing, jumping, screaming and just plain going crazy with every destiny-filled play.

Today I saw what winning and succeeding can mean to Baylor University. Those last 9 minutes the crowd was as intense and passionate as any at Kyle Field, DKR Stadium or any other field I've ever been to. The only thing that came close at those other stadiums was A&Ms OT win over Tech two years ago, a game I attended with my Aggie wife.

But this one beats 'em all. And it happened on Homecoming.

Sic 'em, Bears.


Anonymous said...

What about the four timeouts Kansas got in the second half? The play-by-play page of the fourth quarter at the ESPN site shows that Kansas got four timeouts. Nobody at the Trib has reported on this. I'm curious if this is true and what the Big XII has to say about it.

JudgeChamber said...

The official explanation for that was the official scorer took a timeout away from Kansas believing they challenged one of the plays, when it was actually an official replay review.

I think the reason we haven't heard of it more is that Morriss has said in press conferences that he doesn't see the need for submitting it to the Big XII office because all they do is say, "Sorry." Basically their appeals process is a joke with no reprecussions for something wrong happening. So what's the point?

Also, trying to put the focus on A&M rather than KU is important.