Thursday, October 19, 2006

Show Me

The table is set for the rest of the season. We need 3 out of 5 to be bowl eligible. The dynamics have changed somewhat since the beginning of the season and even since conference play started. Tech and OU all of a sudden look very beatable. But let's be honest here, for Baylor, "beatable" means "not a sure loss." Let's go over the remaining schedule to see what's coming up:

People have already started to leave KU for dead. I think these people are one game too early. You know the Jayhawks are looking at us as "beatable" as well. This is a coach and program that was arguably in worse shape than Baylor not too long ago (Steele's only Big 12 win) but have been bowling since. They will be looking to get well against us. If we do beat them, then I think they roll over for the rest of the season. Don't get me wrong, I see the stats and the common opponets and all of that too. We play a good game and we probably win. But would you put your house on that happening? Would it suprise anyone if we come out shooting ourselves in the foot? Didn't think so. We need to show up, man up, and win this one.

A&M isn't looking as beatable as they did to begin the year. MU was a solid team regardless of who they had played to that point. I think the only reason the Kanas game was close was because aggy is a below average passing team and couldn't exploit KU's most glaring weakness. If we don't get two scores ahead somehow and take the ball out of Lane's hands (I don't think we can stop him), we will be in trouble.

Tech to me is Jekyl/Hyde. We know that Leach's system can work. We know that they haven't been consistent with it this season. We're going to have to do like last year. Hopefully, our offense won't leave the defense for dead after keeping the team in it all game.

I haven't seen anything on OSU. I saw the score and read about the big comeback against Kansas but that's it. I think they are a dangerous team. They have plenty of athletes and are capable of making plays despite Gundy on the sideline. This game being on the road also concerns me.

Everyone is also saying that OU is a possible win now too. I know Peterson is done for the regular season but he didn't play last year against us either. Instead we made Mr. 4th string Jacob Guttierrez look like Walter Payton. Does anyone believe that Bomar was that much better than Paul Thompson? By the time we get to this game, it will be interesting to see if we are playing for something or if OU is for that matter.

First thing's first though. We don't want to have to start imagining scenarios if we lose to the Jayhawks. Having to win 2 out of 4 looks much better than 3 out of 5. People keep saying that the Bears are going to do it. Now is the time to actually show it. Saying you are better is not the same as actually going out there and doing it. Show me.

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