Thursday, October 19, 2006

Weekly Press Conference

Baylor football had its weekly press conference leading up to the Kansas game, and there were some very interesting things said.

Guy Morriss believes that the next five games are all winnable and also all loseable. Well, the first thing that pops in my head is, "Duh." But then I think about it. This is a good team, with some solid talent, but we still do have a long way to go before we can even think about sleep-walking through a game. Kansas in particular is a game that we can dominate from wire to wire, but only if we approach it with the same intensity that we did the Texas game.

I think that's key. We've shown the propensity to play to the level of our competition. #5 team in the nation? OK, we'll pass for 300 yards and hold them to their third lowest rushing total of the year. Army, no problem, we'll let you run on us and hang around long enough to beat us. If we don't cut that stuff out, we definitely could lose all five games. If we learn to play with intensity and determination no matter the opponent, we can win out and finish 7-1 in conference. I'd settle for 5-3 and a bowl game, though.

Coach Hays mentioned that he wants to play a bit more physical brand of football. That's good to hear. The problem with the spread offense is that by its very nature, it doesn't develop a toughness along the lines and in the players. Especially if the player buy into the fact that this is a finesse offense. I do like that we are seeing wide receivers blocking down field (although if Zeigler would have finished his block on the last TD against Texas, there wouldn't be any controversy about it).

Nick Moore had this quote:

We really want to show our fans that we are the team that we keep saying we are. We just need to keep working hard and eventually we will get respect."

I like that Moore recognizes that the team isn't quite performing as well as they say they are. They are a 3-4 team. They might be one of the better teams in the Big XII, but they don't play like it all the time. The fact that they realize it and are wanting to prove they are as good as they think/say they are makes me feel better about the Kansas game.

If you'd like to check out the transcript of the entire press conference, you can go here to check it out on the Baylor Official Athletics site.

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