Monday, January 29, 2007

Baylor About to Enter Important Stretch Run

The three big sports at Baylor are entering a very important time in each of their seasons. Football is closing in on Signing Day fast, men's basketball have to pick up some wins with some winnable games up next, and the girls need to keep winning, including the game against NU to solidify their shot at 1st or 2nd in the conference.

Football has had some late struggles, losing some nice recruits in the last few weeks and the coaches need to make a strong push to keep this class together AND to add some important pieces to the class. This class can be the one that takes Baylor a big step forward, or it can be a class that takes Baylor a baby step forward.

The guys have four games coming up that are all winnable. Colorado and Iowa State are a combined 3-10 in conference play. The Iowa State game is on the road, but we beat them last year by 18 points and should have a very good chance to beat them this year. Following those games we have a rematch against OU in Waco and a road trip to Missouri. OU played their heads off in Norman and I don't think they can replicate that performance again. Missouri is tough, especially in Columbia and even more with their pressure defense, but if our guards continue to improve and gel, there's no reason to think we shouldn't be able to handle that pressure enough to get some good transition scores.

This four game stretch will make or break our season.

The women have two big games coming up on the road. Going to Lincoln to face Nebraska is going to be one of the toughest games of the year, and heading out to Lubbock is always tough and the Lady Raiders are really starting to put their team together. Neither game is one Baylor fans should feel comfortable about, but they are both still definitely winnable, and Baylor should probably be favored in both. If Baylor can knock off Nebraska, we should lock up 2nd place, and possibly set up a showdown matchup against OU in Norman for first place.

So, Baylor fans, warm up your prayer benches!


Red Andrews said...

Judge Chamber,

Arise from your slumber and help BearMeat fight the Aggies! Is this a blog or a diary? Time to get cracking.

Sic 'em!

Red Andrews

Red Andrews said...


We hardly knew ye.

Red Andrews said...

When is this "Stretch run" that Baylor's about to enter in to? I'm too excited. Seriously, this isn't a blog anymore, is it?

I'm about to declare your death on our blog.