Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baylor Falters Late to Texas

What a game that was. Aaron Bruce and Kevin Rogers definitely came to play and the rest of the team also played a very solid game.

This was probably our best all-aroud game of the year, and it came against one of the most talented teams we'll face this season.

What did this game come down to? I'd say that of all the statistics, the most telling is this one:

Free Throw Attempts:

Baylor - 10
Texas - 33


Yes, Baylor did intentionally foul Texas late in the game, but that was 4 fouls. So that's still basically a 3-1 advantage towards Texas. And it's not because Baylor was shooting a ton of 3s. In fact, both Baylor and Texas shot the same number of 3s (26). Baylor hit 9 and Texas hit 10. In fact, Texas took a much higher percentage of their FG attempts from behind the arc than Baylor did. And Baylor had a TON more points in the paint (40-16). Baylor also led in 2nd chance points (16-14) and fast break points (22-6).

Baylor had ONE free throw attempt in the first half, while taking 20 2-pt FGs. Baylor took 9 attempts in the second half. Baylor only missed 2 FTs in the game.

Texas had 8 FT attempts in the first half (and trailed by 6 points), but after (I'm sure) Barnes had a little chat with the refs, Texas was sent to the line TWENTY-FIVE times in the second half. That's more than 2.5 times Baylor's opportunities. Baylor and Texas took exactly the same number of 2-pt FG attempts in the second half.

Now, getting away from the FT argument, AJ Abrams made some terrific shots tonight, and Durant showed why he's one of the best (if not THE best) players in college basketball this year. They both had great games tonight, and were the reason that Texas was able to stay in the game at all.

I'm still not impressed by Augustin, and I think the rest of Texas' players are good players, but not really all that special. Bottom line, unless Texas finds another player of Durant's caliber for next year (and there aren't any players like that) they are going to take a step backward next year.

I think we have a great chance to beat Texas when they come to Waco, and I will definitely be there to see it.


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Great to have y'all back! Keep up the good work!



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